Testing Amulet Finance

Learn how to participate in the Amulet Finance testnet.

The Amulet Finance testnet is a simulated environment deployed on the Neutron and Cosmos testnets where you can explore the groundbreaking features of Amulet Finance. Enter the world of self-repaying loans, minimal fees, zero liquidations and seamless transactions - all in a risk-free setting, but as close to real life as possible.

Follow the steps below to claim your testnet ATOM and NTRN, stake it via Amulet and obtain a self-repaying loan.

Guide: Get testnet ATOM and NTRN tokens

For testnet ATOM and NTRN, we'll use the Amulet dashboard to claim the tokens.


To use the Amulet Finance testnet, create a Keplr or Leap wallet.

Claim your testnet ATOM and NTRN tokens

Navigate to the Amulet testnet and accept the Terms of Service by clicking "I understand. Proceed to Amulet."

In the next step, you'll connect your wallet.

Click "Connect Wallet," and then "Keplr" or "Leap."

We're using Keplr below, but feel free to use Leap if that's your preference.

If you haven't connected to the Neutron testnet before, you may see this prompt to add the chain to your wallet.

Click "Approve" to add the Neutron Testnet to your wallet.

If you haven't connected to the Cosmos Hub Testnet before, you may see a prompt to add it to your wallet. Click "Approve."

After connecting your wallet, you'll see the Claim page.

Click "Claim" to get your testnet NTRN and ATOM tokens!

You'll see an indicator showing that the claim is in progress.

It may take a minute or two to complete the faucet transactions and complete the claim process. Claims for testnet tokens can be done every 24 hours.

When you claim testnet ATOM, it goes to your ATOM wallet address on the testnet Cosmos Hub.

When the claim is complete, you should see another indicator message stating it was successful.

You'll have received 5 testnet ATOM to use with Amulet and 0.5 testnet NTRN for Neutron network's gas fees for your transactions.

If you hover over the "You can now use your testnet tokens," you'll see a message about bridging your testnet ATOM tokens.

That's because your ATOM was claimed on the Cosmos Hub testnet. In the next step, we'll walk through "bridging" your ATOM to the Neutron testnet.

The Bridge page is displayed. Enter an amount to transfer From Cosmos Hub Testnet to Neutron testnet.

Leave some ATOM so you have gas for future bridging transactions.

Click "Transfer X ATOM" and approve the transaction. You should see an indicator showing the transfer is in progress.

And when the IBC transfer is complete, you'll see an indicator with a message that the IBC transfer was completed successfully.

Notice that the Bridge page now reflects that your Neutron testnet balance has been increased by the amount you bridged.

Click on DASHBOARD in the top menu.

Congratulations! You've claimed and bridged your testnet ATOM and NTRN.

Explore Amulet Finance

Now you're ready to explore the dashboard and try out these features:

  • Stake your testnet ATOM

  • Get an advance of up to 50% of your staked testnet ATOM

  • Sit back and watch your loan balance slowly decrease as the yields are used to reduce the debt

  • Repay or close your position by using amATOM or testnet ATOM to repay some or all of your Advance early, or use your collateral to repay it and close your position altogether and unstake

  • Unstake your remaining ATOM and claim it after unbonding (takes 21 days normally, but on the testnet it just takes a couple of days)

You can also try out the One-click functions on the dashboard (shown above) to the right of My Account.

  • One-click Advance to Stake ATOM and get an Advance of 50% amATOM in one step

  • One-click Mint to convert ATOM into amATOM, if you simply want to obtain amATOM without staking

Join our Telegram

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Join our Discord

You can also join our chat in the Neutron discord here, under the Amulet Finance section.

If you don't see the messages in the #amulet-chat channel, try clicking on #role-station.

Click the Amulet Finance gem icon to get access to the chat, announcements and more.

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